ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Welcome to our brand new site for ICT in the Early Years.

We hope you enjoy what you find and that it's useful for your work

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Do you need help to plan ICT in the Early Years?

Use the Planning area of this website to find out how you can plan for ICT so that it underpins each principle of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Also look at how the principles of the EYFS can inform our practice in developing uses of technology in the Early Years.

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Would you like ideas for resources?

The Resources area is full of training and support materials to help you develop effective uses of technology within your settings.

This website has arisen out of development and practice of using technology in the Early Years at Homerton Children's Centre.

We now have a book available!

Book Cover: The Really Useful Book of ICT in The Early Years

The Really Useful Book of ICT in The Early Years

The book is a collection of chapters written by practitioners leading some of the best ICT practice in Early Years around the country. It is largely a practical book with plenty of ideas but also aims to provide the reading and thinking behind the practical ideas. Please contact us if you would like to order a copy or you can find out more and order from Routledge Education
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ICT and Creativity

ICT and Creativity is a PowerPoint we use for training. We hope you will see how we aim for our own creative uses of technology to support children's creativity! When you have looked at the...
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Inclusive Practice

Use technology to help give greater access to all areas of learning for all children. Ensure all children are able to access technology: To ensure children are able to access technology within...
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