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ICT and Homerton Children’s Centre

Homerton Children’s Centre has long had a national reputation for its work on using appropriate technologies in Early Childhood Education. This website is a result of work and training undertaken at Homerton.

Homerton has two websites. This ICT website and a general information website that can be found at: Homerton Children's Centre.

A view showing part of Homerton's outdoor area. A base at the top of a hill allows for all kinds of play; a look out spot, a castle or a place to run and meet friends.
About Homerton Children's Centre
Our history Homerton was originally a Nursery School built in 1940 in the grounds of Homerton College with the intention of providing care for evacuee children and training opportunities for...

Homerton's Outdoor play area.
Visitors to Homerton
We welcome visits from other professionals and aim to disseminate and share good practice. Please do contact us if you would like to come and find out more about how we work at Homerton. As well...

ICT training room - a view of the outdoors
Training room
We have a dedicated training room available for hire. The training room looks over the children’s garden and has an adjoining kitchen. Our training room is modern and airy, has a Smart...

Who are the trainers?
Harriet Price (I know, a bit of a home photo but then how often does one actually get a photo of oneself that one likes. I'm not sure what my son will think!) Harriet originally trained at...

Children have independent access to cameras that always sit readily available so that children know they are a tool to capture their likes, dislikes, interests and achievements.
Comments Boxes
Throughout this site, particularly in the Resources area you will find comments boxes at the bottom of some of the pages. You can add your comments, make suggestion, ask for ideas or respond to...