ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Who are the trainers?

Harriet Price 

(I know, a bit of a home photo but then how often does one actually get a photo of oneself that one likes. I'm not sure what my son will think!)

Harriet originally trained at London University where she completed a B.Ed and an MA in Language and Literature. Whilst working in inner-city nursery and primary schools she took the ‘Observational Studies’ course at The Tavistock Clinic. Later she worked with children with physical disabilities in the Primary sector and worked with children with literacy and numeracy difficulties as she took the ‘Teaching children with specific learning difficulties’ course.

In 1998 Harriet opened and ran an educational software shop with a ‘try before you buy’ policy for homes and schools. After selling the business Harriet went on to be an ICT advisor and presently is based at Homerton Children’s Centre developing uses of technology across Early Years settings.

Harriet has taught at the Faculty of Education and delivered the National training in ICT in the Foundation stage. She has written numerous articles and a book titled “The really useful book of ICT in the Early Years”. She works as a consultant and writes e-learning programs, for the National Strategies

Heather Lowe

 Heather LoweIn the early 70’s Heather trained at Teacher Training colleges in Portsmouth and London with art as her main subject. Whilst her own children were small she obtained an OU degree with a maths and science focus. When qualified she taught primary aged children in the East End of London, followed by a time in Huntingdon and became art coordinator in most schools she taught in.

On returning to teaching after the birth of her children she became interested in Early Years and focused on infants and then nursery education in Cambridge.

She has been head of Homerton Children’s Centre for about 14 years. Homerton was an Early Years Excellence Centre with a specialism in ICT and Heather has greatly enjoyed teaching and working closely with practitioners, not only in ICT but in all subjects. I deliver training locally for our Care and Education partnership, nationally for the National Strategies and host SLICT visitors. She organises national Early Years ICT conferences with Harriet Price. She is also a tutor for the Faculty of Education and enjoys working with teacher trainees.

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