ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Inclusive Practice

Use technology to help give greater access to all areas of learning for all children.

Ensure all children are able to access technology:

To ensure children are able to access technology within the setting observe children playing with and using technology. Are there things they are finding hard? Often making small changes can be very powerful, such as replacing an adult sized mouse with a child sized one or ensuring you have appropriate software with easily navigated screens.

Sometimes children will need more individual help with accessing technology, perhaps a tracker ball or switch access to a computer, or if you have children with communication difficulties you may need to support them with picture symbols. In this case contact specialist companies for advice, see Individual Needs for a list of companies and contact details.

As well as above, ensure you:

Monitor groups of children to ensure all children are able to use technology to learn; see Monitoring all children's use of ICT

Ensure your own uses of technology reflect inclusive practice:

Carefully chosen digital images around the setting, in displays, on welcome and notice boards and in newsletters, can show all families are welcomed and valued in the setting.

Use digital images to support all children’s PSED. Good use of digital images in displays and in homemade books can help children to recognise their own unique qualities and the characteristics they share with other children.

Be proactive in equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice by monitoring your ICT policy, provision and practice.


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