ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Health and Well-being

Does technology in your setting, and the uses you put it to, support the health and well-being of children and adults in your setting?

  • Ensure your ICT policy links with your Health and Safety policy and supports adult's and children’s health and well-being .
  • Check that you are providing developmentally appropriate technology. For example, is the child able to be in control of the technology? Does the technology fit in with an educational purpose? Is it integrated within all areas of the curriculum?
  • Do you offer a balance of technology so that some technology can be used outside as well as inside and lends itself to physical movements and social, collaborative play e.g. Duplo remote control vehicles, music mats and role-play toys, see Software and Resources for a list of our favourite resources and where to purchase them from.
  • Children can be highly motivated by uses of technology; consider if there are ways you can tap into this to extend children's well-being e.g. helping a child form friendships by playing collaboratively with remote controls or programmable toys.
  • Build children’s self esteem by using photographs of themselves, their families and their friends around the setting. Share these with their homes during settling-in, through record keeping books and recording learning journeys.
  • Encourage children’s independent uses of technology to help build their self esteem and sense of achievement.

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