ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Respecting Each other

Can technology be used to support the development of respectful relationships?

Use digital images to help each baby, child and adult feel valued for who they are:

  • Invite children and their families to bring in photographs of themselves when they start at the setting; perhaps these could be put in an ‘All About Me’ book.
  • Ask children to take photographs of ‘things they like to do’ or ‘places they like to be’ best in the setting. Talk about them with each other recognising each other’s likes, preferences and interests.
  • Have a register board with a photo of each child so that the children can easily see who is there and who is not there. Talk about friendships and missing each other.
  • Take photographs of children showing various expressions e.g. happy, sad, cross, delighted and so on. Put them in a photo album (perhaps a Talking Photo Album, see Software and Resources ) and share them with the children. Talk about the feelings children are showing, ask why we think they may be feeling…, do we ever feel…, how can people help us when we feel…?
  • Celebrate staff and children’s birthdays making an e-card with the children or import a photograph into an art program and use birthday clip art to decorate it.
  • Take photographs of children at play during a session and put them into a slideshow to reflect on their interests, things they’ve done and achieved.
  • Take photographs of children showing positive behaviour e.g. ‘sharing’. It’s not always easy for children to understand what we mean with words and the photographs will help.
  • Take photographs of the local environment and make a book for children to talk about places that are familiar to them.
  • Record children’s ‘learning journeys’ and write captions that celebrate co-operation, collaborative play and friendships.
  • Record milestones and share with families ‘I can..’. 

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