ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Supporting Learning

How do practitioners support children’s play and learning with technology?

  • Ensure children can access a range of technology indoors and out. Think about providing for children’s spontaneous play as well as using technology in planned experiences. See Planning the Learning Environment and Continuous Provision documents.
  • Through sensitive interactions; by sharing in children’s play with technology we can support their interest and understanding in the equipment itself as well as using technology to support children's learning and development. 
  • Stimulate children’s interests and encourage higher levels of engagement, e.g. “You have a microwave at home, how is it used do you think? What happens if we press this button? What do you like cooked in it?”
  • Support children in their choosen explorations and investigations of technology.
  • Guide and instruct children in how to use technology e.g. when introducing a camera or a programmable toy.
  • Model how and when to use technology e.g. "I think I’m going to need a label on this box. Do you want to help me make one on the computer?"
  • Model how to play imaginatively with everyday technology, e.g. “ I’m going to need to fix this, it’s a bit dark under here, shall we find the torch?”
  • Take part in conversations led by children as they enjoy playing with technology; this will help build children's technical vocabulary and give them opportunities to understand the place technology has in their lives.
  • Model language e.g. use correct technical terms.
  • Encourage problem solving e.g. “I wonder what happens if…?”
  • Encourage creativity e.g. by using art programs, musical keyboards, cameras, and supporting and extending each child’s ideas.
  • Support social, collaborative learning, “Perhaps if you pass it to Shirin she can help?
  • Scaffold children’s learning as you play with them e.g. the Bee-Bot does go up that slope, what would happen if we attached a trailer? Can it still get up? What happens if the slope is steeper? Can it carry things in its trailer and still reach the top? 
  • Observe children so that you can better understand their thinking and plan more closely for their next steps in learning.
  • Ensure you develop your own skills - Use the EYFS base line ICT skills and knowledge to think through your own areas for devlopment.

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