ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Key Person

Use technology in your role as key worker:

  • Use digital images to help you develop a relationship with individual children and their families. There are plenty of ideas for this, see: 'Ideas for using digital Images'.
  • Build children’s confidence with technology by sharing explorations with them, allowing them to be in control, model playful experimentation and showing delight in their learning and achievements.
  • Make sure you teach the skills of using technology resources e.g. a programmable toy, a digital camera or how to use the tools in a piece of art software. Follow up this teaching on a need to know basis. Children will gain confidence and their self-esteem will be boosted as they gain control.
  • Add a microphone to a tape recorder and put it alongside story props for children to retell stories in their own words. Listen to some of these together, giving importance to the children’s voices and the languages used.
  • Have a two-way dialogue with parents and carers about children’s uses of technology, see: The Adult Role and Planning for Home Setting Links.
  • If you are keeping records of individual children on a computer make sure you are up to date with data protection. Get in touch with your local authority for the latest guidance/courses. 

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