ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Supporting Every Child

Use ICT to record every child’s personal learning journey.

  • Record a learning journey using photographs. Share these with the children’s families by putting them into books or on a display board.
  • Check the photographs that you take of children’s play and learning; do the pictures tell a story?
  • Talk with parents and carers and observe children to gain an understanding of children’s experiences with ICT so that you can build on what they know and can do. See: Technologically rich environmentsObserving children at play with ICT and Teaching points.
  • Support each child at their own level of development. See: Child development.
  • All areas of learning are connected and equally important. Plan for and observe children using technology across all areas of learning.
  • Use mp3 technology to listen to children and support them in communicating. Share recordings in small groups or by downloading and using in story making software or PowerPoint.
  • Use a computer/laptop/IWB/plasma screen/digital photo frame to display slideshows of photographs of children at play. These are a great talking point for parents and carers as well as for the children themselves.
  • Use digital video to observe learning and share with small groups of children through a digital display (computer, IWB, digital photo frame). Children will notice experiences like jumping in puddles, or seeing shadows, in different ways when they reflect back on the experiences. Sharing video provides opportunities for extending children’s learning.