ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

The Learning Environment

Provide for children’s spontaneous play using technology both inside and outside.

See Planning the Learning Environment

See ICT and the Outdoor Environment – A PowerPoint slideshow that looks at the benefits of outdoor play and how technology can fit into the outdoor environment.

  • Make sure your equipment is accessible for children to access independently; that they know how to use it and look after it and that it looks inviting.
  • Look at each area in your environment, inside and outside, and think about what technology might be used there to support children’s learning e.g. is there a digital recorder in the book area? Does it have a microphone so that children can record their storytelling? Does it have headphones? Do your role-play areas reflect everyday technology? Could role-play be bought more up-to-date by asking families for defunct keyboards, mobile phones and cameras, or by making equipment with the children out of cardboard boxes?
  • Consider how you will manage equipment. For example, if you have a collection of defunct mobile phones and cameras where will they be stored? Will the children know where to get equipment from when they are outside? If children are able to use a digital camera how will they know where to get it from/return it to? If you have a scanner is it accessible? If it’s hiding under a pile of things it won’t be used. If you have a printer think about how you will manage the costs, perhaps have a ‘Stop’ sign on it, or cover it, for some days of the week. Build up ‘role-play boxes’ that include ICT for inside and outside play.
  • Organise your resources using a computer to make labels with words and photographs. Children will enjoy making these with you and will be more ready to use them if they don’t just magically appear. 

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