ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

The Wider Context

Use ICT to help with children’s transfer from and to other settings and with multi-agency working

Children can move through many settings during the course of a day, week or year. Use ICT to help children through this process:

  • A shared record keeping process could take place through jointly contributing to a child’s learning journey record; photographs from all settings will help build a picture of the child’s learning across time.
  • One form of recording children’s learning journeys can be ‘Special Books’ that can be added to in each setting and at home and incorporate photos, computer print outs, child’s drawings, etc.
  • A ‘talking photo album’ or ‘talking postcards’ could be passed back and forth collecting the child’s photographs and things they have said about what they like to do in their different settings.
  • Email, or quick word-processed notes, written with a child, or MP3 players to record the child’s voice.
  • ‘All About Me’ books that a family and child can fill in together using photos, drawings, cut outs from magazines, scribed words, etc.
  • Create a digital portfolio of work over a longer period shown through photos, perhaps audio files, drawings and stories made on the computer etc.
  • Take photos of each setting to have a context to talk to a child about their day, or where they will be going to next.

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