ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Areas of Learning and Development

Learning and Development

  • The six areas of Learning and Development together make up the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for babies and children as they grow, learn and develop.
  • Although these are presented as separate areas, it is important to remember that for children everything links and nothing is compartmentalised.
  • The challenge for practitioners is to ensure that children's learning and development occur as an outcome of their individual interests and abilities and that planning for learning and development takes account of these.
  • CT is included in Knowledge and Understanding of the World, but there are learning opportunities in all six areas of development. Technologyprovides tools that can support children in developing their learning potential. It can also be fun, motivating, enabling and is entirely relevant in young children's lives today.
  • Children's experience of ICT in everyday life is used across all areas of learning. Read about ICT in each area of development to help you plan for and develop ICT in your setting.

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