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E2BN ICT in the Early Years


This is a practical area of the website providing CPD materials, planning documents, ideas, favourite websites for learning and teaching, prompt sheets and supplier contacts for our chosen software and resources.

Each resource area includes a PowerPoint that we use for training and could be shared with colleagues for CPD. Download the PowerPoint so that you are able to read the notes. Use the prompt sheets to develop your own skills, for example in learning how to insert photos into Word so that can be used for display or profile books. Or follow their guidance, for example in setting up a desktop for young children to be able to use independently.

We hope you will enjoy this area and use the materials to develop your own practice in appropriate uses of technology in the Early Years. 

All our materials are freely available for your own use within your setting and for lecturers and advisors to use within their own training and establishments provided full acknowledgement of our materials is made. We do ask that you kindly respect our ownership and copyright of the materials and that they are not reproduced or published in any form elsewhere.

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This child is using a Bee-Bot independently in her play outdoors. Playing outdoors can sometimes provide children with greater space from adults and more room to explore and practice on their own. This can increase some children's confidence and sense of independence.
ICT and the outdoor learning environment.
Technology is not best suited to all weather conditions and the management of equipment is necessarily different in a large open space. But technology can be used just as purposefully outside as...

Exploring an Overhead Projector. What happens when I put my hand here? What does this look like?
ICT and Creativity
ICT and Creativity is a PowerPoint we use for training. We hope you will see how we aim for our own creative uses of technology to support children's creativity! When you have looked at the...

A camera display is a quick way for children to share what they like and are interested in with each other.
Using digital cameras and scanners
Using Digital Cameras is a PowerPoint we use for training on digital cameras. We hope it gives you ideas for using digital cameras in the Early Years. When you have looked through the...

Internet cafe. A baby is interested in what her mother is doing and sits on her lap for a moment to see for herself.
Using computers and software in the Early Years
Using computers and software in the Early Years is a PowerPoint we use for training. It raises questions that may help you and your colleagues consider new ways of using your computers. It may...

All kinds of marks can be made with fingers. Look how many dots there are and consider how much this child has enjoyed exploring making marks on the board.
Using a Smart Board
Using a Smart Board is a PowerPoint we use for training. It takes the viewer through the principles of using an Interactive Whiteboard in the Early Years and some ideas for use. Use the...

Children share a talking photo album to listen to nursery rhymes
Planning for ICT in the EYFS
At Homerton we have changed how we plan for children over the years. This includes changes in how we plan for ICT. This Resources area reflects these changes. Our planning now comes directly from...