ICT in the Early Years
E2BN ICT in the Early Years

Ideas for using a scanner.



Some Ideas:
  • To keep a digital record/portfolio of children’s progress (for example keep examples of mark making). Use in Powerpoint for presentations at parents evenings, open days, staff, governor or committee meetings or training.
  • Scan evidence of children’s work that shows progress if they are keen to take a copy home.  This gives you a colour copy and images can be reduced to fit more neatly into a record of achievement.
  • To promote children’s self-esteem that their work is valued, scan in their work and use in software e.g. 2Simple’s Create a Story or 2Publish +
  • Scan in 3D work, involve the children in pattern making
  • Scan pictures into Paint programs e.g a blank template of Pixie for the children to draw over or a photo of themselves to add ‘birthday’ clip art
  • Scan as a means of colour photocopying.
  • Scan photographs and proceed as if they were digital camera photos
  • Talk about the difference between an original and a scanned copy to reinforce their understanding of technology.
  • Scan pictures from posters and books to make resources such as jigsaw puzzles, displays, books, matching games, be careful not to breach copyright
  • Import scanned pictures into PowerPoint to make animated stories. The children can record their own versions of a story and use part illustrations and part their own pictures.
  • Use a scanner to import a child’s picture for making a greetings card, postcard or letterhead
  • Some scanning programs allow you to scan in text and convert it to a word document, particularly useful if you want passages to be changed or amended and you do not already have the original electronic version.


You need to know how to:


  • Turn your scanner on and check that it is on (e.g. is there a light)?
  • Press the scanner button to direct print (if your scanner allows this)
  • Start your software for the scanner
  • Know how to scan in an image and save it
  • Know how to access the images
  • Know how to print them
  • Know how to make simple changes to your images (move, enlarge, shrink)
  • Know how to import them into word and other software